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Earthworks Landcare Services

Earthworks Landcare is a complete lawn and grounds care company servicing New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We have a large list of services, including:

  • Eco-friendly Landscape Design & Build
  • Organic, Natural & Transitional Lawn Care
  • Plant & Tree Healthcare
  • Soil Testing
  • Rain Gardens & Rain Water Harvesting
  • Vegetable Garden Design & Build
  • Complete Turf Renovations & Construction
  • Organic Soil Amendments
  • Stormwater Management
  • Living Fences
  • Permeable Pavers & Porus Pavement Systems

Our Vision For a Better Planet

All of our work at its core is about families-from the Earthwork’s family, the families of clients that enjoy our projects, the families in our communities and the families of plants and animals considered in our designs.

Dedicated to Create a Healthy Ecosystem

We want more than just healthy profits. We want to impact our community in positive ways. We want to help create a community that offers its residents a place that has a healthy & sustainable ecosystem.

Do-ing -- The Correct, Safe things... Now

As we go through our daily lives and work on different projects together as a team, we continue to realize how important it is not to lose touch with the unique gifts and responsibilities that we have each been given. These gifts and responsibilities allow us to beautify neighborhoods and brighten lives while building the environment from the ground up. We are committed to creating a better world that we will hand to our children with pride.

Humble and Committed to Our Services

We continually remind ourselves how privileged we are to be able to devote our careers to improving the world through its own natural beauty and systems.

We want to help create a path that inspires artists & thinkers and helps creates leaders in our communities.

Chemical-Free Lawn Fertilizer

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